The following tours are “in development”. Please let us know if these catch your eye…by the time you arrive, they may well be possible

River Cruise #1 – Son River “Disappearing River” Cruise (one day)

Step on a traditional river fishing boat near the mouth of Phong Nha Cave and enjoy the bucolic farming and village life as you float downstream (opposite from the cave) toward the sea. You’ll witness a slice of typical farming life as our neighbors till their soil with water buffalo, tending to their emerald rice fields, peanuts and corn. You may encounter a shrimp fishing family and buy the freshest shrimp possible, cooked on the spot by the crew. Return to the village.


  • Alternative #1: include this as a tour of Phong Nha cave PLUS the river cruise.
  • Alternative #2: instead of going downriver, head up toward Nuoc Muoc and back.

River Cruise #2 – Two River Cruise: the Son and the Gianh (one day)

Board your tour boat at the foot of the karsts near Phong Nha Cave. Cruise downstream on the Son as on the Son River Cruise above. When you reach nearly the sea, turn upstram on the great Gianh River. Tour the “fishing village on the spit”, watch traditional boat building and the life of the typical fishing family. Push upstream toward the karsts and Laos through verdant flat agriculture and jaw-dropping scenery. Tour the “lost village” (while you can, it is now being “found” by a bridge under construction). Continue upstream disembarking with tiny ferry boats brining goods and children to and from school. After a village walk, enjoy snacks with a host family. Drive down the river valley back to the Nam Long as the sun begins to set behind you.

Cost: ____________________.

Departure time: 7am; return about 7pm.

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River Cruise #3 – Cruise and Barbecue…into Ke Bang National Park – (one day)

Board a United States Air Force jet fighter external fuel tank cut in two and converted by our innovative fishermen into an ideal fast aluminum fishing boat…and now tour boat. We bring you to the river just a few kilometers out of town where a local fisherman will take you aboard as your craft probes from rice fields into steep and spectacular limestone karsts whose cliffs have been carved out by our river over the centuries. You will meander up the breathtaking river west toward Laos, and enjoy a barbecue lunch on a sandy river beach. Then tour a local village before boarding our van taking you through Ke Bang Ntional Park’s most scenic splendors en route back to the Nam Long Hotel. Half of you will take this in reverse, starting by car and boating downstream.

Rate: _______________ includes van delivery to boat, boat trip, BBQ lunch on the beach, drive through Ke Bang National Park and back to the Nam Long Hotel.

History Tour #2 – Vestiges of War – (two days)

Walk through the “underground village” of Vinh Muoc in the former DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and three below ground levels of homes, schools—even a delivery room, with tunnels opening to the beach. Drive through the verdant DMZ that formerly resembled the face of the moon, with scarcely a blade of grass. Visit the Vietnam National Cemetery. Tour the famous Khe Sanh battlefield, site of an epic battle when the North Vietnamese Army besieged Americans forces in this key northern strong point in the former South Vietnam. Stay overnight in Khe Sanh town. The second day we head north along the spectacular Ho Chi Minh Highway West, a seldom traveled former artery of the Ho Chi Minh Trail network used by troops (no vehicles) heading south. Enjoy breathtaking views in this rugged range of the Truong Son mountains whose spine forms the Viet-Lao border. The scenery climaxes in Ke Bang National Park as you descend through the rugged karsts and and back into the plain of Dong Hoi and the Nam Long Hotels.

Cost: __________________.

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