Viet Nam is changing rapidly. But in our province the progress is steady, but the pace is quiet and relaxed and traditional. That’s why we say “The Real Viet Nam…Naturally!”

Many people say ours is the most beautiful province, with secluded sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, and tidy green rice paddies punctuated by rivers curling down from steep limestone karsts.

Frankly, while rich in culture, scenic beauty and traditional family life, economically our area remains largely undeveloped and quite poor. Earnings average under $2 per person per day. Eighty percent of our people still can be found living in rural villages, stooped over in green rice paddies, herding the family cow or heading out in brightly painted fishing boats.

Tucked just above the old DMZ, we are far from the crowds, with temperatures normally cooler than Ho Chi Minh City, but during winter, warmer than Hanoi.

Although most guests come to see the caves and other natural wonders, they express pleasant surprise at the city of Dong Hoi. Mainly just wild grass after the war, this reborn “phoenix city” sports mini-scale French residential architecture, a historic citadel, shaded streets and a newly landscaped Riverwalk Park bordering the Nhat Le River, home to our colorful fishing fleet. Ours is a very walkable city, our hotels close enough to attractions to be convenient, yet secluded enough to be residentially quiet.

For more details on surprising Dong Hoi, please see “Attractions and Tours”
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