Board your tour boat at the foot of the karsts near Phong Nha Cave. Cruise downstream on the Son as on the Son River Cruise above. When you reach nearly the sea, turn upstram on the great Gianh River. Tour the “fishing village on the spit”, watch traditional boat building and the life of the typical fishing family. Push upstream toward the karsts and Laos through verdant flat agriculture and jaw-dropping scenery. Tour the “lost village” (while you can, it is now being “found” by a bridge under construction). Continue upstream disembarking with tiny ferry boats bringing goods and children to and from school. After a village walk, enjoy snacks with a host family. Drive down the river valley back to the Nam Long as the sun begins to set behind you.

Cost: please check with our staff. Since this is a unique tour (not standard) the rate will depend upon the number of persons and boat availability.

Departure time: 7am; return about 7pm.