Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Where will the trip begin?

The Tour to the Caves bus will pick you up at any hotel in the Dong Hoi area. Depending on the geographic distance we can pick you up earlier than the departure time, from 7:45 am to 8:00 am.

When will the tour end?

For daily tours, our car will leave the Phong Nha area at around 16:00 pm, and is expected to arrive at Dong Hoi for the next 45 minutes and pick up passengers at the following destinations by 17: 00. You should plan to take the train soon after 18:00, avoid the case does not have enough time to move.

For the adventurous tour, the end of your tour will depend on the speed of the tour.

When should I book a tour?

You can book tours whenever you want before the tour.

How do I pay for my package?

You can pay by cash or bank credit card valid at the sites providing tour information. Alternatively, you can visit the Tour to the Caves office at 63 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Dong My District, Dong Hoi, to book tours and pay for services.

Does the tour cover travel insurance?

For daily tours, we have included the cost of travel insurance is limited. However, when you participate in special adventure tours, you agree to the terms of your entire life and health and are responsible for paying for travel insurance packages on demand. personal.

Is the trip equipped with emergency medical equipment?

We always prepare the first-aid kit on all trips to ensure first aid in case of no serious accidents.

If I have mobility problems, such as using crutches, wheelchairs, or other health care equipment, will my case be supported?

Because the terrain of the caves is very rough and inconvenient, plus the travel, difficulty and risk of the tour, we do not encourage you to use the adventure services as above, except the area. The Phong Nha boat trip.

What is the tour cancellation policy for Tour to the Caves?

For individual tours booked through the website, as we do not require deposits or prepayments in cash or by credit card, you can cancel your tour by contacting us via email reservations. @ As for the 3 person tour, we require you to inform us about the cancellation 7 days before departure.

How do I get to Dong Hoi?

You can move to Dong Hoi by train, bus, or by plane. You can move to Dong Hoi railway station by North-South railway, or fly from Hanoi, Saigon, Chiang Mai (Thailand) by flights from Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, or Vietjet Air.

What can I do in Dong Hoi?

When choosing to visit or stay in Dong Hoi for your trip, you can spend time visiting the museums and historical sites in the area such as Tam Toa Church, Monastery, sand, sea and sand dunes. All interesting places are selected by us and integrated into a full and convenient route. For more information you can refer to City Tour.

Traveling from Dong Hoi to to other destinations?

From Dong Hoi, you can go to Quang Tri or Ha Tinh, which is bordered by the South and the North. By bus you can go to Cha Lo border gate to Laos, or follow the plane to Chiang Mai.

When coming to Dong Hoi on New Year's Day or national holidays, what should I keep in mind?

On New Year’s Day nearly all customer services are closed, some small businesses such as the Dong Long Hotel in Dong Hoi will open and serve customers outside the province and abroad.

Are there bank or ATM locations in Dong Hoi and Phong Nha?

Dong Hoi has full facilities to withdraw, send and transfer money at the ATM at 3 or 50 Ly Thuong Kiet where the bank headquarters. However, in Phong Nha the equipment is very limited and not convenient for withdrawing or transferring money.