City Walk #4 – Nhat Le Beach (orange)

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  • Phone: 84 (0) 91 892 3595
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  • Nam Long Hotel:
    22 Ho Xuan Huong, Dong Hoi, Vietnam
  • Nam Long Plus Hotel:
    28A Phan Chu Trinh, Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Just outside the doors of either Nam Long hotel, turn left when you reach the river and Riverwalk Park. Shortly after crossing the canal, the riverside road will bring you to the river’s mouth as it flows into the Gulf of Tonkin. The riverbank soon becomes a very walkable beach, famous for the “instant hundreds” of restaurants that spring up on pleasant evenings. Little red plastic chairs sprout from the backs of motorbikes as guests enjoy freshly caught seafood barbecued on the beach. Prefer a more “permanent” (and a bit pricier) restaurant? Continue your walk another ten minutes or so and you will find a long line of palm roofed seaside restaurants along the beach. During the day, this makes for great beach walks or swims in the gentle surf. Download a printable copy of the tour map here.