City Walk #3 – “Bao Ninh Beach” (Green on map)

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It’s a 30 minute walk (or 10 minutes by bike) across the Nhat Le River bridge and straight east through the Bao Ninh fishing village to reach this nearly deserted and secluded beach (until the kids get out of school about 4pm!). As you reach the water you will see the double arches of the park structure. To the left you may wish to enjoy a cocktail or coffee on the beach of the 5 star Sun Spa Resort. Or turn right and likely see deserted beaches as far as your eye can see. Enjoy a swim in the refreshing waters and/or stroll the endless beach. You may likely be the only person there, save for the occasional “inner tube” fisherman or a shell raker who laboriously walks backwards, edging his/her rake into the sand along the water’s edge.

During the War, this was “Feet Wet Beach” –the beach that American pilots wanted to get past, their fighter jets afire after being hit by anti-aircraft guns, hoping to get their “feet wet” for rescue to avoid capture. But hurry to this beach and savor its remoteness…a boulevard has been built and more hotels will be coming soon. Download a printable copy of the tour map here.