Interested in the caves? If you search the internet, you will find several places from which you can start tours of the caves, and several fine hotel options near the caves. However, our guests tell us that after comparing, they stayed with us for two main reasons: 1 – lower costs and 2 – more attractions:

  1. They find our tours reasonably priced. (We select the best professional tour companies for our guests.)
  2. They also note that our hotels are less expensive and offer more amenities. Plus, transportation costs are less (no need for taxi or special car pickup for the 60km run from Dong Hoi to the cave area).
  3. We offer the caves plus much more, including the surprising city of Dong Hoi, secluded beaches, the citadel, the market, and the pulsing life of the community. In addition, we are right at the hub of transportation links by train, bus and air.

For your convenience, and to know you have a spot, you can book these tours with your hotel reservation. Our staff will confirm them for you by email.

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