Want to leave a “forever impact” on the local community? You are welcome to join owners Sy and Nga in supporting the school for disabled children just south of Dong Hoi. The mission of the school is to train parents and their disabled children together so that parents can continue the physical therapy at home, thus multiplying their effectiveness.

Donations will be used to hire additional staff. Most parents can only afford to pay a very little and government funding has dwindled, so that there is only one staff person to serve over 100 children and their parents. About 20 children arrive each morning and another 20 each afternoon for exercise/training sessions, 2 to 3 times per week.

You are welcome to visit the school if you like. Just ask Sy or Nga or the desk clerk at either hotel.

Thank you. Your donation will change the life of a child in Dong Hoi.

You can also enjoy a donation by receiving a relaxing massage at one of the two Blind Massage Centers near each hotel. With generous support from the Ford Foundation, Sy’s NGO facilitated the training of 20 blind people from Quang Binh, in massage technique, business practices and Braille. Equipped with a business sign and a massage table, most have returned, as intended, to their families and villages where they today operate their own massage therapy businesses. A few opted to stay in Dong Hoi. An hour’s massage will set you back about $4, perhaps 100,000VND if you include a tip. Your patronage helps these fine young people support themselves.