The following will tell the story of the Nam Long family


Vision and mission

Nam Long family wishes to provide the most meaningful experience for travelers worldwide who wish to enjoy our spectacular cave systems, natural adventures, and local culture. We look forward to our vision to be the best regional guiding company where travelers can find comfort, excitement, and satisfaction in all moments that we share with them.

About the Founders

Ho Van Sy was born in the American-Vietnam War and grew up in a village in the west of Dong Hoi. After local studying, graduating from the university and getting a Master’s degree in economics, he worked to improve the irrigation system for rice fields in the province, then as a consultant with the Asian Development Bank. Subsequently, he established his own NGO to assist local community development through several projects, including training visually impaired people, building the Trà Mé Ferry Terminal, helping a fishing village and promoting traditional fish sauce, supporting mountainous ethnic areas, and so on.

Le Thi Thu Nga grew up in the General Vo Nguyen Giap’s hometown, who is especially fond of cooking and has extensive experience in restaurant business and serving customers. As a gentle person with a generous heart, Nga always tries to help and bring laughter to everyone in her life. She is an important pillar of the family when not only doing housework, rounding up her duties but also managing a dedicated team and taking good care of customers.

The first steps of Tour to the Caves

Recognizing the importance of the tourism industry, Sy has decided to build a small hotel called NAM LONG to serve tourists and create favorable conditions for local workers. Thanks to the right vision and strategy, the hotel has grown to become a leading brand in the region.

In 2013, Sy and Nga made the decision to design and build their second hotel, NAM LONG PLUS. The two hotels have contributed to provide an abundant supply of tourists, initiated the development of tourism in Quang Binh.

The rising need to enjoy the scenic beauty of Quang Binh from our guests and that is how “Tours to the Caves” was born. At Nam Long, we wish you enjoy the good quality tour with reasonable price. It is reflected in the professional and close style of the guide, the beauty of the destination and the meticulous customer care.